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Photo Name Designation Section Email Phone
Mr. Man Bahadur Khadka Chief Administrative Offier Administration officer 9857642111
Mr. Shree badra poudel Account Officer Account department 9846056324
Mr Avinash Panthee Information Officer Administration 9855081548
Mr.Krishna Hari Sapkota IT Officer IT Department 9843686366
Er. Tikaram Basyal Engineer Planning Department 9857026978
Er. Santosh Kafle Engineer Urban Development and Building Construction 9846467306
Mr. Moti Prasad Rijal Senior Officer Educaiton Department 9857027597
Mr. Shiva Prasad Parajuli Senior Officer Health Department 9857041651
Mr. Nawaraj Poudel Senior Officer Health Department 9847144150
Mrs. Krishna Kumari Acharya Senior Officer Health Department 9841437622
Mr. BheshRaj Poudel Junior Officer ward 16,17 9857041559
Mr. Kamal Nath Sapkota Junior Officer Ward 1,2,5 9857073714
Alaudin khan Agriculture Officer Agriculture Development Section 9847207831
Mrs. Sangita Poudel Office Assistance Fifth Social and Environment 9845417485
Mr.Khim Raj Gautam Amin Planning, Technican, Administration 9851141565
Mr. Dhurba Acharya Office Assistance Fifth Environment 9841581011
Mr. BhojNath Nepuane Junior Officer ward 6,7,8 and 9 9847377016
Mr. Ganga Bhusal Asst.Junior Officer Ward 11,12,13,and 14 9868241996
Mr. Satyanarayan Goeta RA. PA. ANA. First Animal Development Department ९८०४२१४६४७ 9804214647
Mr .Dhaneswor Khanal Animal Development Sector Animal Development Section 9847290761
Mr. Yadab Parajuli Junior Officer Ward 10 and 15 9841667049
Mr. Balkrishna Bhusal Sub Engineer Planning Department 10 to 15 9857041306
Mr. Aakash Shrestha Computer Operator Administration 9805424792
Mr.Sunil Chaudari Sub Engineer Planning Department 6 to 9 9845208118
Mr. ChhabaiLal Gautam Sub Engineer Planning Department 16 and 17 9855046080
Lalita Narayan Chaudari Sub Engineer Planning Department 1 to 5 9847041769
Biswabandu Neupane Asst.Junior Officer Ward office 3 and 5(Dibyapuri) 9847355294
Mrs. Banita Tuladhar Asst.Junior Officer Social Department 9847031727
Durga Prasad Mahato Asst.Junior Officer Royalty Department 9847561555
Mrs. Saraswati Dhakal Asst.Junior Officer Ward office 6 to 9 9814232211
Mr. Rabindra Poudel Asst.Junior Officer Ward Office 16 9857041516
Laxmi Kumari Dargi Computer Operator Ward office 17 9867192444
Santi subedi Social Worker Ward office 10 to 15 9847095556
Rita Bhandari Social Worker Ward 1 to5 9815254546
Sangam Poudel Social Worker Ward Office 16 9867216532
Mr. Hari Prasad Pokhrel Asst.Junior Officer Social Department 9847271353
Mr. Toyanath Lamichhanya Office helper Ward Office 10 to 15 and Administration 9847483611
Mr. Rishi Subedi Driver Administration 9845443247
Mr. Chetan Rai Magar Driver Administration 9812969525
Mr Raju Dawadi Office helper Administration 9813796280
Mr. Bel Bahadur Thada Magar Office helper Ward Office 1 to 5 9847073713
Mr. Khum Bahadur Rai Magar Office helper Administration 9867026734
Mr. Krishna Bahadur Ale Mayor Personal Assistance Mayar Office 9806916588
Mr. Deepak Sharma CFLG Facilator Social Development Department 9857041304
Mr. Man Bahadur Khadka Chief Administrative Offier Administrative Department 9857642111